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Veganuary turned into vegan February and so far I have clocked up 167 vegan meals, not including tonight’s broccoli pasta, which is still to come. 

Vegan munchies this February 🌱

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The game gets interesting tomorrow – I’m spending a week in Paris. Yep.

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Veganuary Class of 2017: Pamela Hutchinson

I was interviewed about my Veganuary by my favourite vegan blog – All Good, All Vegan!


Did YOU have a great Veganuary? It turns out a lot of people did! The numbers are in and there were 59,500 participants worldwide in 2017 and 39,328 were from the UK. In 2014, when Veganuary kicked off 3,300 people took part, so this is a huge leap in participants resulting in around 5million animal-free meals being consumed during January! How amazing is this? Very amazing. Very very amazing.


Today I have an interview with a chum of mine who took part in Veganuary. Pamela Hutchinson is a freelance writer and film critic who lives in Walthamstow, east London. She blogs about silent cinema at, and she has been keeping a record of her Veganuary experience at She’s ace! I’ve asked her a few questions because I am very nosy and because I could tell that Pamela was rocking Veganuary. Hard. Take it away Pamela:

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Veganuary is over

I have eaten 93 vegan meals (and not one Big Mac) but I am not stopping now. I’ll be trying to live vegan from now on. I say trying, because veganism seems to be a continuous effort, not a badge. As one of the last Veganuary emails put it:

Being vegan is not about being perfect. Which is a good thing, as that’s simply not possible in this imperfect world of ours. Being vegan is about living in in a way that causes the least harm. It is about intention, not perfection. If you’ve slipped up a couple of times, or accidentally eaten something before realising it had milk in it (we’ve all been there right?!), don’t beat yourself up. You’ve still been vegan.  

So the real push starts now. I still have a wardrobe full of wool (and some silk) and a couple of pairs of leather shoes; I am using up some honey handsoap. But from now on, the choices I make will be informed by my veganism. Thank you Veganuary for helping me to make this change!

#Veganuary #converted

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