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V Day

Veganuary starts … now.

Or rather it started a few hours ago. I saw out 2016 (good riddance) with a vegan lasagne and few glasses of champers. Yes I made “cheese sauce” out of cashews (pictured above) and all that game. It was, well actually rather tasty, but hideously unphotogenic. Could do better.

In fact I started Veganuary in semi-earnest a few days ago. I’ve already ditched cow’s milk for almond in my tea and have been exploring a little vegan cookery. Cauliflower curry, avocado toast, and several similarly non-adventurous dishes … but also these delicious vegan Brazilian cheese balls, which fooled several party guests into thinking they had yer actual cheese-cheese in them.

As far as my vegan support system goes, I am enjoying the daily emails from the lovely Veganuary people and I have signed up to many, many Facebook groups. I have also recruited a veggie pal to go the full Kevin (Keegan) with me. She’s a great veggie cook, and a fellow cheese addict so I am in fine company. We’re Whatsapping recipes back and forth and sharing sources of vitamins and vegan merlot. It’s going to be easy, right?

Meal number one of 93 was scrambled tofu with avocado. Genuinely delicious. Here goes …



Pamela Hutchinson is the editor of Silent London

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