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Why worry about veganism?

No one wants animal cruelty on their plate, or their conscience. Vegan food is delicious, and healthy. I’m only trying it out for a month, 93 little meals.

So why am I worried? I have a few reservations, but writing these things down always makes them less alarming …

  • My health – I have a sensitive digestive system and I am worried that a vegan diet will cause it to flare up. Then again, maybe the opposite will happen and I’ll never touch dairy again …
  • More than vegetarianism, veganism seems very all-or-nothing. I’ll be much more worried about slipping up than I am currently as a chilled-out non-meat-eater.
  • Hungriness – all that salad and not a single fried egg.
  • Boredom – tofu, tofu, tofu …
  • Expense – a lot of vegan alternatives such as mayonnaise and cheese, are far pricer than the “originals”. And some useful fruit and veg might be imported from far and wide.
  • Eating more junk food and processed crap. Lots of ready-made vegan food seems to be versions of fast food that has never appealed to me. Apparently there’s a vegan fried chicken shop opening in London – I’ve never felt the need to eat fried chicken before!
  • Eating out or at friends’ houses – I’m going to become a fussy person, which doesn’t appeal. And then there’s the risk of plate envy when I’m picking my way through a cheeseless pizza on a Saturday night.
  • Clean eating is a load of balls, and I don’t want to be associated with that.
  • Terminal smugness.

Anyway, I hope these qualms will prove unfounded. Ninety-three times.



Pamela Hutchinson is the editor of Silent London

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